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Craftsmanship and Design

We design, create, photograph, proof, print and curate each design end-to-end.


01. The design

The first step is always design. Whether we are creating a new series or product range, our ideas are brought to life by sketching, playing and experimenting. We'll test colour palettes, mixing mediums like flowers and canvas, and consider the intended purpose for a particular product.

02. The creation

Once we are satisfied with a concept, the second step is to create the final artwork through the chosen mediums. This may be as varied as physical floral arrangements mixed with hand-painted canvas backdrops, welded sculptures which play with light or pattern-making with florets and mixed-media. This forms the primary piece of art.

Wherever possible, we choose local and seasonal flowers, and local craftsmen for manufacturing. This has always been one of our guiding principles.

 03. The photography and graphic design

Once the design is set, our photographer visits our studio to work her magic. During the photography session, our team are all on hand to utilise props and create the most beautiful imagery. Our photographer uses her expertise to capture our floral arrangements, sculptures and designs in their best light.

04. The proofing

We sit down together and go through the prints from our photographer and colour-test. Colour matching is critical as we work with multiple mediums when printing which all affect the final colours and depth.

For prints and wall hangings, we determine sizing options that would suit people's homes and spaces, and which art is best suited to particular formats. The prints are all designed to be framed using sizes that are readily available from your favourite homeware stores, as well as large scale prints designed to be professionally framed.

Proofing for other types of products may go through multiple rounds of changes until we're satisfied with the quality of the final work, ready for production.

05. The delivery

In the final step, our art is lovingly prepared for shipping. In this phase, we apply our guiding sustainability principles. We actively source environmentally friendly packaging for each print to be delivered to you using as minimal a carbon footprint possible.