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Our Values

Our take on the age-old tradition of wall art combines florals, photography and product design to create heirloom products, made to last for generations. We uphold the virtue of authenticity in everything we do.



Sustainability is at the heart of Austin Bloom product design. We place deep value on minimising our environmental impact and utilise ethical production processes that do not exploit people or animals. Our products are locally sourced where possible and made to last. We use flowers in a considered way, creating floral arrangements that stand the test of time through fine art prints.

Product quality

Our products are designed to be sustainable and to last. They are robust, strong and easy to maintain. For example, we use archival-museum-grade canvas for our wall hangings. As a guide, this grade of canvas is built to last for 120 years when stored indoors.

Production waste

At every step in the design and production process, we seek to minimise waste and recycle our scraps and off-cuts.


We aim to use natural resources such as wood and other plant-derived materials. When using animal products such as leather, we use sustainable and ethically farmed sources. Our aim is to ustilise upcycled, recycled and repurposed materials wherever possible.


Our products are designed to last and be passed down to generations. We are actively researching how to use recycled plastics in our materials our base materials.


If you have outgrown a particular Austin Bloom product, please do not throw it out! Re-gift it to someone else and invite them to share in the joy of a limited-edition Austin Bloom product.


Where possible, we use locally grown flowers when creating sculptures, installations or print designs. Instead of plastic form structures and foam oasis, we use reusable wire frames and biodegradable floral wool. We have consciously moved away from chemically dyed and preserved flowers and dry our own using locally sourced flowers.